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Jumbo Flashing Christmas Lights Necklace

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Put your holiday spirit on full display with our Jumbo Flashing Christmas Lights Necklace!

We're bringing Christmas back in an awesomely nostalgic way! You'll be lit up like a Christmas, and spreading holiday cheer for all to wear while donning this brilliant and colorful neck ornament! Featuring the classic fat, oversized light bulbs from Christmas past, it also features three different flash functions.

This kooky holiday necklace will surely bring a smile! Which is just perfect, because like Buddy the Elf, smiling is our favorite! A fun way to keep scrooges at bay - they'll avoid you like a hardened piece of fruitcake that your Aunt Anna saved from last year.

Includes nine mighty bright colored flashing lights - or just keep them glowing non-stop! And heck might as well rock them all year because it's never too early to celebrate Christmas - at least in our book! (Which just happens to be the Guinness Book Records of Nice Boys and Girls!)

It's an awesome stocking stuffer, or you can just pass out as gifts right after you polish off the pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving and you're officially allowed to celebrate by societal norms. But whatevs! We've always found being normal completely over-rated. 

One necklace with 9 Over-sized Christmas Bulb Lights that have 3 flash modes. Comes ready to use with 3 replaceable AG13 watch batteries. That's lotsa lites! Get lit, and stay lit this holiday season with our Jumbo Flashing Christmas Lights Necklace!

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