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Keychain + Car Decor

Give your wheels some flare with our kitschy key chains, funky air fresheners, and silly stickers!  Our collection of cool car accessories are guaranteed to elicit chuckles from the rest of your carpool buddies. Find fun gift ideas for the car fanatic, or anyone who is into adorable car swag.

Ear Ring Keychain


Haven't you heard? You must have, our ears are burning! Our punny Ear Ring Keychain is a simple, clever idea - a jewel-toned silicone ear pierced with a heavy duty split ring. Choose between 4 different fun colors! Cool Blue, Lime Green, Real...

Fly Widow Air Freshener


Something smells afoul. Fact: Air fresheners, such as our Fly Widow Air Freshener, cover bad smells.  Fact: The Fly Widow knows not where her deceased husband is. Fact: The Fly Widow has been known to fly off the handle. Coincidence?  We think...