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Kid Shaming Little Jerk Balloons


I still don't have an inside voice!

Parents know that sometimes, very occasionally, even the most adorable and angelic child can be a bit of a jerk. Little Jerk Balloons are for those moments.

The kids don't know what the balloons say now... but just wait till they see the pictures in 10 years! It'll be funny all over again!

Each set of 15 comes with five different designs and fonts. Little Jerk Balloons include:

  • I have no inside voice
  • I break stuff 
  • I poo my pants 
  • I <3 public meltdowns
  • I draw on walls 

Shame your kid with our set of 15 Little Jerk Balloons. Made of Latex. Balloons measures 10 inches inflated.

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