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Rainbow Kawaii Bear Kid's Yard Sprinkler


Time to run bearfoot through the sprinkler!

Our Inflatable Teddy Bear Sprinkler is so excited to be here, he's literally blushing and gushing rainbows! 

He's so fun we can bearly stand it! But, thankfully he helps us tolerate the grizzly summer heat!

  • Stands 15 inches tall
  • Inflatable Teddy Bear Shaped Sprinkler
  • Features clear belly colorful confetti inside
  • White with pink paws, and a blushing Face
  • And what appears to be sprinkled rainbow frosted donuts for ears?
  • Attaches to standard garden hose
  • Makes the heat totally bearable!

Spring and summer birthday parties and BBQs have never been so much fun! 

Measures 15 inches tall inflated. Attaches to standard garden house. Our Inflatable Teddy Bear Sprinkler is a fun gift idea!

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