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Kinda Busy With Football Season Doormat

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It's the middle of October, Sunday afternoon, and your doorbell rings while you're watching football.  Not cool.  This is why you need our penalizing Kinda Busy Come Back After Football Season Doormat! 

It is the perfect polite, or perhaps not so polite, way to say SCRAM!  

However, fear not!  If they just won't go away you can open the door and politely point at your magnificent Kinda Busy Doormat (and toss a wadded up yellow napkin at their feet, if one happens to be in the vicinity.)  Just remember to put on your robe first.  No one needs to see your tighty-whities. 

Made from 100% Olefin Indoor/Outdoor carpet with perfect bound stitched edges.  Easy to clean.

Measures 18 inches long x 27 inches wide.  Comes with a breakfast cooked by Brett Favre*

*Not actually true!