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Kittea Kitten Tea Infuser



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Time For A Kit-Tea Purr-ty!

Our Kittea Kitten Tea Infuser looks just like the poster hanging on the wall of your elementary school said... Hang in there, baby!  .
Fight the urge to take a cat nap in a sunlit corner of the room and re-energize with a cup of tea with our Silly Kittea Infuser!  Perk up sluggish afternoons with a cuppa with a little help from this curious kitten.
Simply perch the adorable kitten on the side of the cup and let the tea brew a few minutes before drinking. 
Transform any tea party into a kit-tea party!  Great gift for cat lovers, duh.  Our Kittea Kitten Tea Infuser us made with 100% silicone. 

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