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Kitten Bath Soap
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Kitten Bath Soap

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Our Kitten Bath Soap is just the size for little paw paws that try to like to jump in the shower.

True story... Walked into the house last night and Mr. Whiskers was all like, "Listen, I've been grooming and watching birds all day.  Don't you even begin to think I have time to give you a bath tonight. Meow. "  Then that fur ball threw this bar of soap at me, at first I was sad, but then I realized I'm human adult, I can do this myself!  

It's a cute little bar of soap for humans who's kitty doesn't have time to give them a bath. 

Our Kitten Bath Soap gets you as clean as a kitten would - maybe even cleaner.  With a playful soft, fluffy lather and just a dusting of exfoliating oatmeal for the feel of a real kitten tongue. 

Honey and oatmeal scent, exfoliating. 2 oz. / 56 g. NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS Our Kitten Bath Soap is Meowed (Made) in the USA for humans.