• GELLI BAFF 2-PACK- Color- Blue

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Lagoon Blue Gelli Baff

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Bath time is fun, but let's make it a super adventure with our Gelli Baff!   Our Lagoon Blue Gelli Baff is a totally unique bath product that turns your water into goo and then back to water again!   Slip around the tub and relax in the goop of your lagoon!

You or your kids can enjoy laying around the tub in gel and scooping up the goop.   Just fill the bathtub with water, mix in the Gelli Baff and then have a blast!   When you're finished, simply mix in the dissolving agent and it all goes down the drain!

Gelli Baff is 100% skin safe and won't stain carpets, clothes or baths.   Each box contains the bags for two baths.

Contains 2 - 150g packs of (Stage 1) Lagoon Blue powder and 2 - 150g packs of (Stage 2) Goo dissolver.


Gift Ideas

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