Lamps + Lighting

Looking to lighten the mood?  Create the perfect ambiance for your office or home with our fun and offbeat collection of lamps and lighting!  Sure to inspire some bright ideas for gift giving!  

P.S.  We love lamp.

Drink Me Light Up Bottle Topper


A clear sign to get the party started! Our Drink Me Light Up Bottle Topper is a bright and bubbly drink decoration, fit for the likes of Alice herself! Basically, if you're looking for a sign that you should have a drink, this is it! This unique party...

Magical Color Changing Unicorn Night Light


Sweet Dreams Whoever said you're too old for a nightlight, clearly has not met our Magical Color Changing Unicorn Night Light, and must enjoy stepping on unsuspecting legos. Imagine how much sweeter your bedtime will be with a dreamy unicorn nightlight...

The Little Lantern


What is this? A lantern for ants?? Step away from the kerosene, Zoolander fans, and allow us to shed some light on the situation.  Our wicked cute Little Lantern is an intentionally miniature version of the classic style lantern...

Earth Night Light


Do you still want to be an astronaut when you grow up?   All you've always imagined is waking up in the middle of the night floating in outer space and seeing the illuminated Earth! With our Earth Night Light you don't have to be in a spaceship to...

Giant Ice Cream Cone Lamp


Just 150,000 Calories! There are just few things in life that are as enjoyable as an ice cream cone!  What better way can you think of to brighten up the mood in your home or office than with a Giant Ice Cream Cone lamp!  Marvel your guests as...

Human Powered Light Bulb


Why are you so touchy? Are you looking to burn off some energy and have some geeky science fun?  Then it's time to throw on your favorite pair of socks and start dragging your feet around the nearest carpeted floor like you did when you were a...

Tyrannosaurus Rex Lamp


Goodness Cretaceous, great balls of fire! Our pterobley awesome Tyrannosaurus Rex Table Lamp is just dying to meat you! This ferocious predator of light (aka dinosaur lamp) effortlessly crushes darkness. No longer will you need to sleep with one eye...

Jumbo Flashing Christmas Bulb Headband


Our Jumbo Flashing Christmas Bulb Headband is holiday pride you just can't hide! Some may think this is over the top, but when it comes to spreading holiday cheer, is there really such a thing?   Wear this to a party, or at the supermarket,...

T-Rex Nightlight


Dino-mite! RAWR! Our T-Rex Nightlight will light up your room with a soft glow. The age of dinosaurs lives on with this glowing Tyrannosaurus Rex and inspires dreams of another time and pre-historic proportions! T-Rex Nightlight has LED bulbs...

Teeny-Tiny Christmas Light Up Cactus


Gather around the cactus for Christmas carols! Feliz Navidad! Show off and display your holiday spirit for all with our Teeny-Tiny Christmas Light Up Cactus! This prickly twist of a holiday classic is a bright new way to celebrate your holidays...

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