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Looking to lighten the mood?  Create the perfect ambiance for your office or home with our fun and offbeat collection of lamps and lighting!  Sure to inspire some bright ideas for gift giving!  

P.S.  We love lamp.

Free Beer Tomorrow Lightbox


You'll be a day late and a dollar short with our Free Beer Tomorrow Lightbox! A cheeky gift for the light-hearted beer drinker! This vintage designed beer sign will become an instant classic. It's a glowing reminder that nothing is free, and just how...

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Buffalo Door Light


Coming home to a dark house is pretty tough, especially when you can't see the light switch.  Add the soft glow of our 100% animal friendly Buffalo Trophy Door Light to  your door and you'll find your way inside without tripping! Its internal...

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Flashing Neon LED Sign Birthday Cake Topper


Is that the Las Vegas skyline coming into view? Or is that a birthday cake with a flashing retro light display perched on top? That's right... What happens at your party, stays at your party with our retro Flashing Neon Sign Birthday Cake Topper! Now...

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Campfire Night Light


Our totally campy Campfire Night Light is the perfect addition to any desktop or dorm room!  Bring the adventures of the wilderness indoors with the soothing glow of this woodsy inspired LED night light.  Easy to operate when you're stumbling...

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I Need More Space Astronaut Lightbox


Our pun loving 'I Need More Space' Astronaut Lightbox is an intergalactic masterpiece. Guaranteed to relieve the pressure to socialize in nearly any habitable atmosphere, due to the natural off gassing of some appropriately timed giggles! An introvert's...

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Clip-On Spot Light


There's nothing worse than having to get out of bed and stumble around in the dark after cozying up to a good book to have to turn the light off!   With our Clip-On Spot Light you'll always have an LED light right at your nose!   It's perfect...

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Flat Flashlight


We're terribly sorry regular flashlights, but you are just way too huge and bulky!   How are we supposed to find a large flash light in the dark?   Let's get real here, our Flat Flashlight is small and retro-styled to get you out of a jam in a...

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Rocket LED Color Changing Light


Our vintage-style Rocket Rainbow LED Color Changing Nightlight is the ship childhood dreams are made of! Many little kids dream of traveling to space. and this awesome primary colored rocket-ship brings that dream to night time! Add this LED light...

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Wake Up And Be Creative Sunburst Lightbox


Every morning our Wake Up And Be Creative Sunburst Lightbox is happy to stare you in the face as a glowing reminder to ditch your Groundhog Day like thinking and to break free from the mold into unexpected awesomeness! What does being creative mean?...

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Elephant Door Light


Coming home in the dark stinks, especially when youre fumbling for the light switch.  Add the soft glow of our 100% animal friendly Elephant Door Light to  your door and youll find your way inside without tripping! Its internal sensor detects...

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Koi Toy Light-Up Goldfish


This delightfully realistic floating koi lights up the second it touches water, glowing brilliantly in a rainbow of hues. Sure, our Koi Toy is fun for the hot tub or bathtub… but it's also great in punch bowls, beer pitchers, fountains, bird...

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Giant Ice Cream Cone Lamp


There are just few things in life that are as enjoyable as an ice cream cone!  What better way can you think of to brighten up the mood in your home or office than with a Giant Ice Cream Cone lamp!  Marvel your guests as they swoon around your...

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Eat Me Flashing LED Sign Food Topper


Our tempting and eye-catching Eat Me Flashing Neon LED Sign Food Topper is a delicious retro decoration for any feast or snack attack! The letters are illuminated by LEDs and flash in a hypnotic sequence as if you've found yourself staring at the warm...

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Deer Door Light


No more fiddling for your light switch when you come home in the dark.  Add the soft glow of our 100% animal friendly Deer Door Light to  your door and you'll find your way inside without tripping! The back of the light has a keyhole hook and...

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LED Happy Birthday Banner


Outlets?  We don't need no stinking outlets! Now you can start the party absolutely anywhere with our multi-colored LED Birthday Banner!  It not only spells out HAPPY BDAY, but in case you haven't guessed by now, it also lights up to make the...

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