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  • Left Right Ergonomic Crayons

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Left Right Ergonomic Crayons

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Whether you're a novice or an old hack to the coloring book scene you'll love the fun unique shape of our Left Right Ergonomic Crayons!

Perfect gift for ambidextrous individuals.  If you have this awesome ability, you're in good company... You share this special talent with  Leonardo da Vinci, Michelle Kwan, and Ben Franklin just to name a few!  This totally makes up for the fact that you tend to be more easily angered... don't be mad at us!  We're just the messenger!

Did we mention they're erasable??  No one will be any the wiser if you color outside of the lines (not that there's anything wrong with that!)

Non-toxic.  Eco-friendly polymer.  Set of 10 ergonomic crayons.  Each crayon measures approximately 2.25 inches tall x .5 inch wide.


Gift Ideas

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