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Liberal Tears Ceramic Mug
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Liberal Tears Ceramic Mug

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We've been told that our Liberal Tears Ceramic Mug should come with a trigger warning. So here it is.

Trigger Warning: Our Liberal Tears Ceramic Mug may incite feelings of anger rage, and ear-shattering primal REEEEEEEEEEEing from those poor souls who've lost the ability to laugh at themselves, find the irony in situations, accept that their canidate lost, and read our disclaimer below.**

  • 100% NOT Approved by the NFL, CNN (Certainly Not News),  Liberals or Hillary Clinton. 
  • Can Be Triggering!
  • BIGLY Mug Holds 15 oz of coffee, tea or steaming hot liberal tears!
  • YUGE Comfort Grip Handle
  • MAGA + Show Your Support For OUR President Donald Trump
  • Great to use while watching Antifa protests on TV!
  • 100% not whimpy
  • Includes 100% Covfefe 

Our Liberal Tears Ceramic Mug is a welcoming gift to any Donald Trump flag supporting Hillary Clinton For Prison kinda woman that can tell the help at a hardware store, “No thank you, I’ve got this.” We’re also pretty sure this is the mug that John Wayne’s wife would have drank coffee from while she chopped wood with her other arm.

Made of ceramic, the covfefe coffee mug holds 15 oz of coffee, tea or steaming hot liberal tears. It’s smooth, molded, glossy exterior has a nice, large and easy comfort grip handle. It’s not one of those silly one or two finger handles, you can get your whole hand through there!

Measures 4.5 inches tall x 3.25 inch diameter. Made of ceramic. Logo is printed on both sides for ultimate triggering opportunities. Hand wash is recommended or top rack of dishwasher. Packaged in a crush-resistant gift box.

** Perpetual Kid is a diverse company of happily coexisting folks from all sides of the political landscape. Our political products do not represent the views of the company. We just think a lighthearted approach with humor is the best medicine during these times. So... Please no mean emails to our lovely people in our customer service department. Perhaps you'd prefer our President Trump Troll!