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Like Millions Of Years Old Ammonite Mollusc Fossil


Never mind the bollocks, but how about them mollusks!  Take our Like Millions Of Years Old Ammonite Mollusc Fossil for instance... this is one old cephalopod and we're not squidding!  It's like millions of years old.

Excuse us while we nerd out, but behold the perfectly preserved fossil of an extinct creature that you may think somewhat resembles a Nautilus, but is actually a distant relative of the octopi and squid!

The other side vividly displays each ridge of the shell, proudly flaunts the Fibonacci sequence, creating a beautiful portrait of a creature that once was.

Don't be petrified about what to get your prehistoric loving friend!  They may just slug you if they found out you passed this one by.

One fossil.  Includes card with information.

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