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Lil' Rainbow Glitter Kiddie Pool Float


What could be better than our Happy Lil' Rainbow Kiddie Pool Float for your little pot of gold! You're going to have an unforgettable summer with your kiddos!

This Happy Rainbow Lil’ Float is dual-chambered for stability, featuring a secure & comfy seat with openings for your little one’s legs. They’ll appreciate the comfort and freedom to kick their legs with excitement as you cool off in the pool together.

The thick and durable vinyl is ready for daily use when the temperatures soar! The rainbow’s arch is attached to a fluffy cloud filled with sparkles that shimmer in the sunlight, adding a splash of color to your pool day.

  • Rainbow!
  • Poofy Clouds!
  • Glitter!

And if you’re tired of building toys with a gazillion pieces, this float will be a breath of fresh air—it inflates quickly and has no mechanical or moving parts.

Heavy Duty Vinyl. For ages 1-3, up to 45 lbs. Features a standard air valve. Measures approximately 25.5 x 26 x 20.5 inches inflated. New for the summer of 2018 by Big Mouth Toys! Great for pool parties, vacation time at hotel pools, baby showers, birthday gifts, and more! Our Happy Lil' Rainbow Kiddie Pool Float will bring magic to your summer!

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