Lip Balms

Is our unique assortment of lip balm and glosses all it's cracked up to be?  Heck yeah it is!  We bet your dry chapped lips will be feeling fabulous and smiling from ear to ear in no time!  Find fun gift ideas for lip balm addicts of all ages.

Coconut Basil Lip Shit


Cruelty Free Lip Balm We are giving you a rare opportunity to be a ukulele lady (or gentlemen) and we'll be a monkey's uncle if you don't love our Coconut Basil Lip Shit!  It is made from a beeswax formula and is extremely smooth and easy-to-apply...

Glitter Kissed SPF 50+ Berry Lip Gloss


Berry kisses are the balm! This gorgeous Glitter Kissed SPF 50+ Berry Lip Gloss not only tastes delicious but it keeps you hydrated and protected. The 50+ SPF is nourishing and provides broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. Protect those lips and look...

Jane Austen's Finest Balm


Have you ceased to rejoice in the dryness of the season? One must try Jane Austen's Finest Balm! For it will apply a whimsical humor to your dry, chapped talkers, and cause your moisturized mouth to curl into a slight grin. Do you feel more than...

Just Hanging Around Sloth Lip Gloss


Enjoy letting the day s'lip away Our Just Hanging Around Sloth Lip Gloss is vanilla flavored, and is just as sweet as can be! With his sunny disposition this smiling little fella is just who you want hanging around, so you can keep your lips moisturized...

Lip Shit Watermelon Tangerine Lip Balm


Our old fashioned, lip-smacking Lip Shit Watermelon Tangerine Lip Balm is the best! So why mess with the rest? You might not think an old-fashioned soda fountain would be welcoming to the likes of a positively pink octopus with long luscious lashes. But...

Freud's Oral Fixation Lip Balm


Better than all mother brands! So you have chapped lips. Stop blaming your mother. Our Freud's Oral Fixation Lip Balm is the lip balm you desire. (That sounded more profound in the original German.) Begins cooling and soothing your lips in the time...

Frida Kahlo's On The Lips Of Dreams Lip Balm


Cool and soothing no matter how hot your temper! Smooth on Frida Kahlo's On the Lips of Dreams Lip Balm and paint your self-portrait with orange, lemon, and lime flavor. A lip balm in its own right Surreal citrus flavor Full of sensations An...

Mocha Almond Lip Shit Lip Balm


Cruelty Free Lip Balm Our Mocha Almond Lip Shit really gets you going! This fantastic lip balm moisturizes and protects your lips every time you put it on. It is made from a beeswax formula and is extremely smooth and easy-to-apply! All natural Fun...

Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Lip Balm


The course of true love never did run smooth as this fragrant balm! Apply our Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Lip Balm every day and they will vow and swear and superpraise your parts. For a gentle lady or a gentleman-like man.  Kissing cherries...

Mushroom Lip Balm


Just so mushroom in my heart! Our really fun-gi Mushroom Lip Balm is such a cute little red mushroom that fits anywhere easily to stay with you on-the-go! It's a sweet strawberry scent and enriched with Vitamin E and leaves out the parabens and...

Lip Shit Orange Mango Lip Balm


You'll soon sea that discovering our Lip Shit Orange Mango Lip Balm is nearly as exciting as stumbling across a new mermaid + seahorse pal! We have never really understood the whole strapless bathing suit thing, but this merlady is really rocking the...

Marshmallow S'More Lip Gloss


You'll love it a lil bit s'more every day. An ideal gift for the happy camper, our Marshmallow S'More Lip Gloss is a fun mashup of nostalgia and kawaii for your lips! Camping. Maybe you do it for the crackling warmth of a radiant campfire. Good times...

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