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Lobster Cologne Spray

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Economic times have been tough, which has resulted in a cutback in a lot of the things we really love.  One of the hardest luxuries to give up was delicious, hot and steamy, buttery lobster.  Dont worry, even if you cant eat your favorite shellfish, you can still smell like it with our Lobster Cologne Spray! 

Youll smell a combination of the sea, sweet meat and a hint of drawn butter.  Youll smell just like the 1%!
Demeter creates scents that are drawn from memories to transport a person back to a special place or time.

Everyone has a personal library of meaningful smells.  The memories they trigger are somehow more intense than those we dredge up by conscious effort.  It's as if smell provides a shortcut to our deepest memories and brings them back complete with the emotions and sensations we felt at the time.

1.0 fl oz