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Lotus Flower Storage

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The lotus flower is known as a symbol of purity and beauty.

Anyone who has been lucky enough to witness one emerging from a murky pond cannot deny the beauty of such an exquisite plant. It's exactly what you DO NOT look like in the morning after falling asleep with your makeup on.

Our insanely cute Lotus Flower Storage Bin will help beautify your surroundings and encourage you to stick to (or develop) a morning or evening bath routine.

Its clever design allows you to insert cotton swabs into its leafy base to have them mimic the leaves of the lotus plant, and it's delicate beauty will remind you that using a cotton-tipped stick is an exercise in gentleness and accuracy. No poking or jabbing allowed!  Layers of the lotus flower can be removed to accomodate larger items, such as cotton balls.

And if you're kinda dirty and don't clean your ears or face, you can also use this as a toothpick holder.  After all, nobody looks good rocking a floret of broc in their pearly whites.

Plastic. Measures approximately 3.25 inches tall x 3 inches in diameter.  Cotton buds not included.