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Lucky Mojo Ginger Candy


Way luckier than circus peanuts or candy corn!

Do you need of a bit of extra luck today? Before you tear about your yard looking for a four leaf clover, reach for our Lucky Mojo Ginger Candies! These are the most (allegedly) powerful candies ever created!

Individually wrapped ginger-flavored orange and white striped hard candies come in a tin decorated with symbols that might bring some lucky mojo to anyone that eats one! Anyone who believes in magic will also think that this candy is lucky!

  • Allegedly lucky candy
  • 2.5 oz. of ginger-flavored hard candy
  • Beautiful tin
  • Brings comfort to the simple-minded

Decorative tin contains 2.5 oz of candy. Measures approximately 3.25 inches wide x 2.5 inches wide x 2 inches deep.

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