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Man Size Moustache

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When you're ready to have a mustache, don't cheat yourself by buying or growing a short, puny one.  You should proudly wear our Man Size Moustache.  There has never been a more masculine stache.  This black facial hair will really bring out your testosterone!  Time to get some stache wax and curl up the ends!

A series of innovations elevate this mustache beyond the mere single-use, adhesive variety.  The Man Size Moustache is lined with a soft velveteen fabric for luxurious contact with the face, then worn on a sturdy elastic loop.  It can also be groomed, trimmed and shaped to the wearer's requirements.  This means it can be worn on any occasion and will continue to deliver its distinguished bristliness for many years to come.

Measures 6 inches wide x 2.5 inches tall.  We call the stache color Mario black.  Caution: May cause awesomeness!


Gift Ideas

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