Manhands Cannabis Scented Soap

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Pre-munchie preparation should always include gratuitous hand washing.  Too bad most soap scents really harsh your vibe... until now! 

Our ManHands Cannabis Scented Soap is purple, slightly scented (just enought so the cops can't smell it) and really packs a punch for olfactory orifices! (Thats your nostrils, bro.)

This bodacious bar combines the distinct scents of a fresh marijuana plant, with the cleansing properties of suds!  Sounds like a match meant to be!  Puff puff and pass... this dope soap on as a gift.  Everyone will be laughing and passing this chonger around to catch a whiff, theyre sure to be on (or in) cloud nine afterwards!

Please note: Ingredients do not include actual marijuana!

*Tested on dudes, not animals!

Measures 3 inches long x 2.25 inches wide .75 inches deep.  3 oz. bar.  Handmade in USA!


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