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Marble Mania High Bounce Ball

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Remember basking in the glory of the rows and rows of toy vending machines trying to decide which of them was worthy enough for that shiny quarter?  The capsule of slime, the holographic monster truck sticker, that weird Smartie mixed with a sweet-tart ball candy thing that sort of looks like Saturn, then you see it.  The mother of all vending machine prizes, the super bounce ball! 

What if we said we had something that would make that super bounce ball look about as exciting as a coloring book without pictures? The general consensus would say it's impossible.Oh yeah? Prepare for mind to be blown in 3, 2, 1..... KABLAMO! 

Check out our Marble Mania High Bounce Ball, it's like combining seventy-five super bounce balls into one humongous bouncy ball!  It's absolutely amazing how big, and bouncy these balls are!

Made of synthetic rubber.  Colors vary.  Diameter of 4.5 inches.