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Marvin The Mother Effing Monkey

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You may have heard of Marvin the Monkey.   Well, don't let his cute snugly looks deceive you...   this is Marvin's evil step-brother Marvin the Mother Effing Monkey!   He doesn't light up or make soothing sounds like his step-brother...   instead he creates total chaos with verbal abuse!  

Marvin speaks 15 hilarious, abusive phrases like Kiss my monkey b@lls and Kiss me or I'll throw monkey sh*t all over you!

This is for your inner child NOT your child. Parental Advisory Very Very Very Explicit Content.

It's a great gift for your trash talking adult sibling, frat brother, or your lovable but foul mouthed Aunt Betty.

Measures approx 5.5 inches wide x 3.5 inches deep x 9.5 inches tall.