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Mashy Egg Masher

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Egg salad is one of the greatest gifts ever to come out of an egg... in the right time and place.  When is it okay to serve egg salad?  When it's fresh and just out of the refrigerator or when you hate your co-worker (we recommend hiding the egg salad sandwich around their desk where they can't find it... for days.)  When is it not okay to serve egg salad?  When your kid is in grade school and can't refrigerate their food before lunch time way to be the reason your kid will now be labeled the stinky kid until he graduates from high school.

Whether it's the right time or the wrong time to serve egg salad, make it in style with our Mashy Egg Masher.  Mashy Egg Masher is the ideal masher for preparing egg salad and he works great on potatoes, ripe bananas and avocados too!  The egghead handle fits right in the palm of your hand and his sturdy little feet do most of the work.

Measures 1.25 inch long x 3 inches wide x 5.75 inches tall.  Hand wash only.