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Hey, Notey McNotetaker! Forget something? Just check the hilariously appropriate box, and you're ready to go! Measures 3 x 3 inches and contain 100 sheets!

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Hey, you. Forget something?

Are you the same person who forgot to put the milk in the fridge before going to work yesterday?   Do you really think just making a mental note to send your mom a card on her birthday is sufficient?   Eh... probably not.   Unless you want to drop down to 3rd favorite child in her rankings.

Well, don't beat yourself up!   There's a reason why sticky notes are so popular.   We all suffer from brain farts!

The basic task of a of a sticky note - Help you remember something you'd otherwise forget if you didn't write it down.   Now you can elevate your bland yellow reminders to silly status with our Mental Note Sticky Notes.   Never forget again.   (Unless you don't look at the sticky note, and then it's your problem.)

Just check the appropriate box, and you're ready to go!

  • Remember
  • Eventually Forget
  • Do Something About
  • Contemplate
  • Ignore
  • Stick Somewhere
For those with a sleep deprived new parent brain - you may want to post one on your dash to remember to close the trunk before you drive off with it open. After all, you shouldn't need a trail of belongs on the parkway to find your way back home.   Just sayin''.

Our Mental Note Sticky Notes measure 3 x 3 inches and contain 100 sheets!
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