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Mini Biohazard Tape

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Are you living with a careless and messy spouse or roommate who just cant take a hint?  You've tried everything!  You put away their dirty dishes for them, empty the washing machine before their clothes start to smell sour and you even spray disinfectant into their room when their disgusting socks start to stink up the place!

Stop doing all the work for them!  They're just being lazy and you're enabling!  Surely that pair of dirty socks on the floor constitutes a Biohazard!  Use our Mini Biohazard Tape around the polluted area so they will actually notice for once that they are huge slobs!  If you don't use this for life's little accidents, spills and hazards, we might have to alert the EPA!

Three cheers for passive aggressiveness!

100 feet of tape.  Plastic dispenser.