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Professionalism.   What is it really?   Well, you'll be surprised to know that it is simply looking really powerful, having a lot of self-confidence and carrying a briefcase.   That's right, isn't it?   Great!   Well now you can look extremely professional all the time with our Mini Briefcase!   Some of the things you can put inside of it are; business cards, credit cards and identification, pieces of gum or candy, stickers, small plastic sharks, bandages, cash, fingernail clippings, fake mustaches and much, much more!
So, suit up, snap your briefcase shut, and go out into the world of skilled workers!   Red   is the power tie color for middle management where the blue tie is for the ones that are already up the ladder!   Now you'll fit right in!    

Our Mini Briefcase measures 3.75 inches long x 2.5 inches wide x .5 inches deep.   Metal.

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An unusual and fun gift for under $10!

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