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Mini Genuine Harmonica Necklace



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Take a harmonica wherever you go!

Whether you have the blues or are filled with jubilee, our unique Mini Genuine Harmonica Necklace (that actually plays!) will be able to lift your spirits and banish your woes!

What better present to yourself than a quirky piece of jewelry that allows you to spontaneously break out into a riff!

This single row 4 hole, 8 tone, mini mouth harp sounds amazing and is a great gift idea for musicians (or wannabe musicians)... young and old alike!  Whether your spirit musician is Elwood, Stevie Wonder, Bob Dylan, Howlin' Wolf or Anthony from the Wiggles!

Handmade.  Stainless steel cover with brass reeds and brass reed plate.  Harmonica size measures approximately 1.5 inches long x .5 inch tall x .5 inch wide.  Necklace measures approximately 23 inches long.  

Fun Fact: Did you know that in 1965, the harmonica was the first musical instrument to be played in outer space?  Now you know!

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