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Mom Notes Notepad

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Being a mommy can be exhausting!  How many different ways can you possibly say the same thing, but actually be heard!  Not sure.  But now you can add another method to the list!  

Our attention grabbing Mom Notes are a hilarious attempt to get your kiddos to do what they need to do!  

We're sure you've run into the type... kids who look you in the eyes and nod up and down acknowledging every word you say and then look away and forget that you were even talking to them?  Of course you do.  They're kids.   What should you do?  Put it in writing!  Why?  Because we said so!
These clever notes are the perfect size and conciseness, coming close enough to a text message that there's a better than average chance your kids will read it and do what it says.  Give them a try.  Maybe you'll at least get that hug you were looking for!
Don't forget to pack a sweet note in with their lunch!

Measures 4 inches x 5.25 inches. 50 sheets.  It's for your own good!