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Morse Code Clock

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Brush up on that super old school way of communication with our Morse Code Clock!  .-- .... .- - / - .. -- . / .. ... / .. - ..--..  It's Noon, of course!  Youll feel like youre a communications soldier in World War II or a budding radio operator in the early 19th century, sitting by a candle and waiting for an important message to come through!

If you're still confused, in Morse Code, numbers and letters are transmitted in series of clicks, lights, or tones.  Each dot is one audible tone.  Each space is equivalent to the duration of one silent tone.  Each dash is a single audible sound equivalent to the duration of three tones.

Amateur radio operators won't have to waste their time teaching YOU the Morse code numbers! You know Samuel Morse would have this unique time piece on his wall.

Measures 11.5 inches in diameter.  Requires 1 AA battery (not included).  Metal.