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Movers & Shakers Salt + Pepper Shakers
Movers & Shakers Salt + Pepper Shakers

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Uncommon Gifts and Movers & Shakers Salt + Pepper Shakers at Perpetual Kid. Shaking your own salt and pepper can be soooo exhausting.

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Shaking your own salt and pepper can be soooo exhausting. It's Movers & Shakers salt & pepper shakers to the rescue!

Just pull the cord and let these vibrating shakers do the work for you. They shake themselves! It's now fun and simple to add some excitement to your fine dining. Just pull the cord, invert, hold and let them do all the work!

A fun gift for your favorite lazy bones looking to shake things up!

Made of durable, food-safe plastic. Traditional "diner" styling. Set measures approximately 2.5 inches wide x 3.75 inches tall x 5.3 inches deep.

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Movers & Shakers Salt + Pepper Shakers
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