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Movie Theater Popcorn Sticker


Let's all go to the Lobby... to get ourselves a treat!

Our Movie Theater Popcorn Vinyl Sticker can't be beat! This adorable sticker brings back all memories of going to the theater or drive-in, and rushing to get refreshments before the movie started. Dripping with butter-flavored nostalgia, this sticker is still poppin'!

  • Original illustration of a classic red-white striped box of buttered popcorn, brimming with popped kernels and smiles
  • Water-proof, Weatherproof, Fade-Resistant, and Dishwasher safe!
  • Die-cut stickers measures 3.5 inches wide x 2.43 inches tall
  • Printed full-bleed (no border!)
  • Made in the USA!

Made in the USA! Illustrated and designed by Pittsburgh artist Emily McGaughey. Features an anthropomorphic popcorn box, with smiling pieces of popcorn. Weatherproof, UV Resistant, and Dishwasher safe! Our Movie Theater Popcorn Sticker is fun gift for popcorn lovers, and movie fanatics!


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