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Mr. Pow Portable Charger

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Our incredibly fun Mr. Pow universal portal USB charger will work with a plethora of your devices!  

Mr. Pow doesn't discriminate, he's friends to all!  Whether it's your MP3 play, smart phone, tablet, or camera, he's happy to lend a helping super charged hand!

He's not one to hide his emotions, and with a little coaxing (ie. push of a button)  he'll be happy let his face illustrate his current battery power.  Mr. Pow is...
  • Super Happy at 100%
  • Content at 75%
  • Not so happy at 50%
  • Down right sad at 25%
Be sure to keep Mr. Pow fully charged, happy and ready to go or with his movable arms he can karate chop ya into shape!   Hi-ya!

Measures approximately 3.5 inches tall x 3 inches wide x 1 inch deep.  Includes one USB to micro USB charging cable.  Requires device specific USB charging cable in order to charge your device.