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Mystical Unicorn Pen

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Contrary to the belief of some whinny neigh-sayers... we wouldn't be stretching the truth, not even one tiny bit, if we told you that we are confident that unicorns exist.  Duh!  Of course they do, we work with them on the regular.  In fact we went to Sparkles birthday just this past weekend (and have the hoof marks to prove it)! 

The mind altering truth is, that we're actually figments of THEIR imaginations!  Gnaw on that for a bit, then scribble down some of your own deep thoughts and ponderings with our amazing.. majestic... Mystical Unicorn Pen!

Whether you're writing sarcastic notes to your nit picky roommate or whimsical journal entries about you met your crush at the local coffee shop, you'll soon wonder how you got through the day without it!

Unicorns are happier in twos... so gift one to a friend or keep this cute creature company with our awesome Unicorn Tape Dispenser!

Measures approximately 4.5 inches (or two gnome steps) long.  Black Ink.  Ballpoint pen.