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Namaste Motherf**ker Snarky Tea

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There’s a new set of yogis in town and we’re here for the elastic waistbands, and our drink of choice is Namaste Mother F**ker Snarky Tea.

We want something that says “we might work out later,” because hey - we’re dreamers. We may not do the downward dog but we’re down for dogs and it’s basically the same thing. Okay, yes, we’re wearing athletic gear and we’re not… athletic.

Namaste Mother F**ker is for the fashion driven yogis who do their own thing and want to do it in incredibly comfortable legwear. Our mantra is peace, love and spandex. Yoga pants all day every day.

Besides being an awesome gift capable of eliciting a fit of giggles this tea will actually help rejuvenate and keep you centered. Green Tea contains bioactive compounds that improve your health in many ways; it's good for brain functions, weight management, weight loss and may even prevent cancer. It's one small thing you can do for your health (while you're sitting around watching Netflix all weekend).

So, If you're obsessed with yoga pants but the words "warrior pose" mean absolutely nothing to you - this raspberry orange green tea is the blend for you! #SpandexAndNetflix

One hilarious tin of 15 high-quality, beautiful, whole-leaf pyramid tea sachets. Contains: Green Tea, Natural Flavors, Raspberry Pieces, Orange Peel. Stay bold, stay fabulous... STAY SNARKY!