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A rose by any other name would NEVER smell as sweet!  Now is your chance to name and grow your very own unique rose.  And don't worry if you lack a green thumb, the easy-to-use growing guide helps even the most novice of gardeners grow a beautiful rose from seeds.

Once your rose is planted simply follow the included instructions to officially register your rose name with the International Rose Naming Registry.  It's that easy and once your registry is complete you will receive a personalized rose naming certificate!

Inside the gift box:
    Welcome letter
    An explanation of the gift
    Gift Registration Instructions
    A packet of unique, unnamed rose seeds
    How to grow roses booklet
    History of roses fact sheet
    Plant markers
    Presentation certificate
    Presented in a luxury metal gift tin

After registration you will receive:
    A personalized rose naming certificate

Further gift details:
    The ultimate dedication
    A rose named after you forever
    A packet of unnamed rose seeds and rose naming markers enclosed in your gift box
    A great booklet teaching you how to grow your rose
    Easy to follow rose naming instructions
    Register your details either online or by post
    After registration receive an ornate certificate displaying your name and rose naming details
    Learn about the history of roses with the enclosed fact sheet
    A touching gift idea

Disclaimer: By completing and returning the registration form the recipient of this gift can name their rose grown from the unique rose seeds contained within this gift package.  The rose name will be stored and periodically submitted to the British Library.  Neither Gift Republic Ltd nor any other company supplying this gift is affiliated with any approved horticultural society and no guarantees are given that the rose and/or its name will be recognized by such a society.  Further, the rose will not be available for wholesale or retail sale.  This is a novelty gift and must be regarded as such.