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Everyone wants to be a star!  Did you know that only a small number of stars in the sky actually have official names?  Most of them are nameless and only known by their catalog number.  These stars are just waiting to be named by you with our Name a Star Gift Box.

Naming your star has never been easier!  Once you receive your Name a Star Gift Box, simply follow the instructions to complete the process by hand or online.  Once your registration is complete you will receive a certificate from the Star Catalogue confirming your star registration.

Inside the gift box:
    Welcome letter
    An explanation of the gift
    Gift Registration Instructions
    Unique information about your star
    A guide on how to locate your star
    Stars & Astronomy booklet
    Presentation certificate
    Personalization pen
    Presented in a luxury metal gift tin

After registration you will receive:
    An ornate certificate detailing your star name and star naming details

Gift summary:
    An out of this world gift!
    A booklet about stars and astronomy
    Find your star on the wall map
    Easy-to-follow star naming instructions
    Register your details either online or by post
    Your star name will be periodically submitted to the British Library.
    After registration receive an ornate certificate displaying your star name
    A touching gift idea a star named after you for eternity

Disclaimer: By completing and returning the registration form the recipient of this gift can have a star registered in their name.  The star name will be stored and periodically submitted to the British Library.  Neither Gift Republic Ltd nor any other supplier can alter the name of well-known stars.  The star name will not necessarily be recognized by any official scientific or astronomical organizations, or astronomers, and neither Gift Republic Ltd nor its suppliers will accept any liability for any such non-recognition.  This is a novelty gift and must be regarded as such.