National Embarrassmints
National Embarrassmints

National Embarrassmints Shop more by Unemployed Philosophers Guild


We had some Hillary ones too, but they were just picked up by black van full of indictments.

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Trump your bad breath with a mint!

Our Donald Trump National Embarrassmints are pretty darn puny don't ya think?  We hope these mints don't offend you!  We had some Hillary ones too, but they were just picked up by black van full of indictments. 

These little mints will make all your bluster fresher.  Pop a mint in before you mouth off and everything you say will be... nicer. 

The hilarious tin only measures approximately 1.75 inches long x 1.75 inches wide x 0.5 inch tall- which is actually huge if you have tiny hands!  Contains approximately 75 National Embarrassmints.  

Oh and... Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself!

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National Embarrassmints
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Funny candy to give as a gift!

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