What's New + BACK IN STOCK! Find the latest and greatest gift ideas hoof-selected by our team of magical (and sometimes moody) unicorns!  Our sparkly selection of brand new products is sure to surprise and delight anyone on your list!

Strawberry Bandages


In a jam? Straight from the strawberry fields and ready to patch up your boo boo.  Our berry sweet Strawberry Bandages are the cream of the crop! So you did something crazy, hurt yourself and now you're in a jam?  Plant one of these cuties on...

Procrastinate Like There Is A Tomorrow Gum


Dance like everyone is watching! Our deliciously cheeky Procrastinate Like There Is A Tomorrow Gum is a fun little gift punctuated with minty flavor and biting humor! Behold a cool and minty present with a message that is sure to strike a chord with your...

People I Love: Cats. Socks


Socks fur the serious cat purr-son. No kitten, our People I Love: Cats. Socks are so soft and cozy, they're like paw-jamas for your feet! Do you pre-fur the company of cats?  Are you a little aloof, a little manipulative, and a whole lotta cuddly...

Taco Truck Taco Holders


Ice cream truck, shmice cream truck... we'll take a truck filled with delicious crunchy tacos any day!  Meals are always more delicious when the come from a trendy food truck! This incredible duo of Taco Truck Taco Holders, perfectly cradle your...

Dino-sore Dinosaur Bandages


Kinda-sore or dino-sore? If these Tyrannosaurus Rex bandages had only existed millions of years ago, those meteor sized boo boos could have saved the dinosaurs!   Apply one of these Dino-Sore Bandages and your ouchie will be extinct in no...

Holy Roller Lint Roller


Oh, heavens! Your clothes are covered in pet hair again! Time for some divine intervention! Our hilarious Holy Roller Lint Roller is ready to help roll that damned fur off your favorite black sweater! A fun gift for your churching going pals, or...

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