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Giant Corgi Pool Float


Well, hello there Corgeous! All eyes will be on you when you're resting on our Giant Corgi Pool Float! Don't think for a second you'll be able to go in-corg-nito. Get a leg up on the competition Because, what's funnier than a Corgi...

Bitch, Be Cool Gum


What up, dawg. Introducing our savagely fun Bitch, Be Cool Gum. Did you think we were above putting the word "bitch" next to an image of a dog just for a good laugh? You were wrong. If you didn't read the phrase on our Bitch, Be Cool Gum in Samuel L...

Scribbled Eggs Erasers


Handwriting look like chicken scratch? Introducing our Scribbled Eggs Erasers! They're all they're cracked up to be! Under the yolk of a pressing deadline? Got a soft-boiled idea that's not all it's cracked up to be? Working around the...

Olympic Long Sleeper Men's Crew Socks


Carry a torch for your beloved bed Celebrate your favorite pastime and go for the gold in our Olympic Long Sleeper Men's Crew Socks! You can train and train, but you'll never be able to match my raw talent for snoozing.  When you snooze you...

Congratulations, You Turned My Kitchen Into A Shithole Dish Towel


Put your shit in the sink! Dripping with sarcasm and spilled drinks our Congratulations, You Turned My Kitchen into a Shithole Dish Towel is not messing around! There's nothing like a delightfully crass kitchen towel to greet your guests, as it proudly...

Tortilla Clips Bag Clips


Don't be a dip, grab a clip for your chips! Keep your chips safe and fresh with our visually puntastic Tortilla Clips Bag Clips! Let the chips fall where they may? No way pendejo! When the chips are down, don't come around looking for...