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Nice Jewish Guys 2021 Wall Calendar



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Now THESE are guys you can take home to mom.

Our Nice Jewish Guys 2021 Wall Calendar is the newest edition of the sweet and irreverent hit calendar! It features a dozen super-handsome, super-nice, and super-eligible bachelors. It's like a year of JSwipe’s greatest hits!

  • Meet Justin, with a puppy-dog smile and penchant for dance fitness classes.
  • Outdoor adventurer Scott, whose mom describes him as “very single.”
  • And, for ladies who love a bad boy, there’s “geeky tough guy” Howie, who was once body slammed by a sumo wrestler. Ouch!
  • Oy vey! You don't need to be Jewish to appreciate these Mensches...
  • This cheeky pinup calendar is an instant cult classic!

Includes adorable photos and bios packed with fun facts, favorite things, and goals, like Dov’s: “Children and a wife he worships.” So sweet. A wonderful Hanukkah gift for friends and family to help get 2021 started off on the right foot!

28 page full-color wall calendar. Printed on FSC-certified paper. Measures approximately 11.7 x 0.2 x 11.8 inches. Our Comes with all the Jewish & American Holidays already marked! 

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