• Ninja Knife Block
  • Ninja Knife Block

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Ninja Knife Block

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Our super stealthy Ninja Knife Block may lend you his weapons... but he will never reveal his secrets!

Fully equipped with a utility knife, a bread knife and a chef’s knife each piece of his weaponry is cleverly designed to resemble a miniature samurai sword!

If you can locate this silent but deadly ninja in your kitchen, he will bestow upon you sharpened senses at prep time.  In quicker than the flick of a throwing star you will be slicing and dicing with ninja-like precision! A great gift for mixed martial arts and crafts fans.

Contains 3 knives! Utility, bread, and chef’s knife. Our Ninja Knife Block measures approximately 8.5 wide x 8.1 wide x 15.8 inches tall.


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