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Ninja Swizzle Sticks
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Ninja Swizzle Sticks

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Do you want your drinks to taste as though someone stirred them with the highest of skill?  Our Ninja Swizzle Sticks will take care of the art of stirring!  These little Drunken Masters are prepared for whatever drink mixing challenges that may come their way!  They've been training a long time for this!  Our awesome swizzle sticks are like small, blunt, Samurai swords with ninja faces that can stab and hold fruit in your beverage!

Never mix your drinks again with the absence of a covert agent swizzle stick.  Sensei Swizzle has trained these sticks to be the most stealthy kitchenware.

Contains a set of 4 masked men, clear black swizzle sticks.

Measures 9 inches tall.  Gift boxed.  Ceramic/acrylic.