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Official World's Smallest Perplexus

$9.99 $6.89

Easy to Play... Hard to Master!

We can describe the World's Smallest Perplexus in one word. A-maze-ing. *badum tssh*

Perplexus Original now comes in a miniature pocket-sized edition so you can keep playing on the go! This 3D maze has always been a fun challenge, and now only 4 inches in diameter, you can carry it anywhere!

Forget your smartphone, you will be glued to this puzzle until you master its winding and bending 360 degree track from start to finish! There are a variety of starting points to place the miniature metallic marble at, with 100 checkpoints to surpass.

This mini Perplexus offers plenty to keep you engaged, challenged, and entertained until you've mastered all of its boundaries! Give this awesome gift of fun and frustration to your friends and family!

Measures approximately 4 inches in diameter. Plastic orbital maze with metal ball. Our World's Smallest Perplexus is an amazing stocking stuffer!

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