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One Cat Away From Being A Crazy Cat Lady Socks



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Proud Cat Lady Socks

With our One Cat Away From Being A Crazy Cat Lady Socks your days are playfully numbered!  Chances are your fur-rends have already placed wagers on when you'll be rescuing your next furry feline.

What is a Crazy Cat Lady you ask? Have you stopped wearing certain colors of clothing because of the visibility of cat hair? Do you clean the litter box(es) before you have breakfast? Does your cat own a social media presence? Have you bought a stroller, but you don’t have a baby? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, they you are probably a crazy cat lady! But that's OK. Though some consider the title disparaging, we embrace it at Perpetual Kid.

If you fit the image or know someone who does, then you'll love our colorfully printed socks with cat designs. Cotton, nylon, spandex. Grey, with black heels and toes, and love cats in various poses drawn in white. Which just happen to be excellent colors for hiding most cat hair which they will undoubltely be covered in one day. Women's shoe size 5-10. Our One Cat Away From Being A Crazy Cat Lady Socks are the purrfect gift.

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