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Overthinkers Gum


Still thinking about this...

I'm just not sure what to write about our Overthinkers Gum.  I guess I could maybe talk about why you would want one.  Or maybe I should run some numbers to see if this is the perfect gum for you, or if maybe another one would be better.  

  • I'm actually more if a hard candy person, maybe I should ask someone that has more gum experience to write this product description?   No, I think I can do it. 

  • But let me see... maybe I should go work on some stocking stuffer descriptions instead.

  • Should I describe the cinnamon flavor as refreshing or satisfying? 

I'll have to come back to the Overthinkers Gum description.  It's almost time to go home for the day and I haven't even had lunch yet.  Where's that folder with menus so I can see what I want.

8 pieces. Refreshing cinnamon flavor. Each dainty pack of gum measures 2.75 inches long x 1.25 inches tall.

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