was born out of brain numbing boredom with corporate America! 

Two crazy "kids", Curt Eastman and Wendy Papula, put everything on the line, quit their stuffy corporate jobs, and started their dreams of building a fun company!  

Their mission was to help entertain the inner child of millions. They knew that so many others were suffering through their days in cubicle farms and in need of some laughs, smiles, and good vibes during the work day.

They quickly realized they had found a winning recipe.  New to retail, there were quite a few surprises awaiting...

Thanks to one of Perpetual Kid's first products being mentioned on the Late Show with Jay Leno, and then another featured in Time Magazine all within 3 months of launching in 2005, they suddenly found themselves growing too big for their britches (i.e. Curt's basement.)

A good blend of great products and exceptional customer service had anointed their business with the next big step... out of the basement and into their first true warehouse!  Quickly enlisting help from family, friends, local job seekers, finger monsters, and of course unicorns to keep up with orders, we all found ourselves living the dream!

Fifteen years and four warehouses later, the Perpetual Kid dream has grown into a living breathing family. Since Perpetual Kid was born, we've had the privilege to employ over a thousand wonderful people and we've helped over one million customers with gifts!

"We have the world's greatest customers and none of this would be possible without every single one of them!"

Our team of awesome product finders, customer service reps, pickers + packers, artists + copywriters make it their sole mission in life (besides eating tons of chocolate and drinking coffee by the buckets) to bring you the most fun, unique, offbeat, and slightly irreverent gifts they can find. If our inner child likes it – we know someone else's will too.


We asked Curt and Wendy a few questions...

What was the very first order?  (not made by a friend or family member)

Wendy: Our first real order (obviously not counting Curt's mom who would buy tins of bandages for all of her friends) was for a mooning gnome yard decoration.  So it only makes sense that I have since claimed gnomes as my spirit animal! 

Favorite item Perpetual Kid item... ever!

Curt: Favorite PK item?  That’s like asking me to pick my favorite child!  I love EVERYTHING we sell!  Some standouts, though, would have to be our Husband Strangle Doll – you press a button and he makes a misogynistic remark then you grab his neck and he makes gagging sounds while his eyes bulge and arms and feet flail and then he restates his opinion in a more correct PC manner – It was featured on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and we couldn’t keep it in stock! I don’t think he’d be nearly as popular today, though.  Another favorite was our limited edition Crayola Crayon Executive Pen – this was a very nicely done weighty pen that looked like a large crayon.  I still have mine on my desk!  And lastly, one of my current favorites is our Bag of Unicorn Farts – Why?  Umm. Because farts!  And Cotton Candy!  

Most famous customer?

Wendy: Oh we'd never give out customer info... but we've had a ton of celebrities, pro athletes, actors and politicians over the years.  But... my favorite "famous" customer happened in our first few months in business.  A crush, who may or may not have played a doctor on Scrubs, may or may not have bought toys for his pet.  I don't mean to braff , I mean brag!

Funniest thing you think ever happened at work / in the warehouse?

Curt:  Oh, man.  We always manage to hire some real characters for the warehouse.  Especially at Christmas!  I think the funnest (also funniest) thing we did were the after hours adult Big Wheel races up and down the warehouse aisles.  You could do a serious power slide around the corners.

What was your least favorite item Perpetual Kid ever sold?

Wendy: That's easy!  We used to carry official White Castle Scented Candles.  It smelled exactly like burger grease and onions. The smell was so strong that we had to store them in a far off location in the warehouse. You could literally smell which packed orders contained one of those candles!  Customers just loved them so this scent assault went on for over two looooong years until it was discontinued forever!