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Paper Tantrum Notepad

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​When it comes to meltdowns, babies and toddlers get all the excuses: “She’s hungry”, “He’s overtired”, or “It must be gas”.  Well it's high time you reclaim your right to throw a fit at any age with our expressive Paper Tantrum Notepad, while maintaining your reputation for professionalism and maturity.

Featuring a calmly worded disclaimer for those times you can't even utter your frustration aloud without fear of literally blowing your top with steam pouring out of your ears like Popeye.

I'm a responsible adult.  But even grownups need to vent sometimes.  Lucky for you, I'm too proud to scream and throw stuff in public.

Because, why be direct?  Passive-aggressive notes get your point across much more slyly.  They're equally effective as a full-blown hissy fit!

So treat yourself to a dose of humor or give one as a gift to a friend, who looks in desperate need of a tantrum of their own.

One internally-screaming-at-the-top-of-your-lungs red notepad.  Contains 50 sheets.  Measures approximately 4 inches wide x 5.25 inches tall.​