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Parenting Pen Set



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The bags under my eyes are Prada

Even people that don't have kids know the lament of parents and our Parenting Pen Set perfectly captures it. I know, having children is wonderful and no one would trade it for anything. But we all understand that having kids is a 20+ year commitment to getting yelled at, never sleeping, driving screaming monsters around and doing last minute projects that are due tomorrow.

So if you have a kid or know someone that has a kid... or of course, kids... trust us, there are relatable!

  • It Takes a Village and a Vineyard
  • Sorry I'm Late, I Have Kids
  • I Love My Ungrateful Children
  • My Parenting Style is Called Survivalist
  • RIP Sleeping In

Set of 5 black ink ballpoint pens in a variety of colors.

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