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Peeking Bird on Branch Toothbrush Stand

$7.99 $6.49

Not for the birds... for your toothbrush

With our adorable Peeking Bird on Branch Toothbrush Stand there will be no reason to look around for your toothbrush anymore! This cute little Peeking Bird sits atop a white branch at the base and stands guard next to your toothbrush.

This whimsical toothbrush holder sits solidly on your counter or, use the mounting hardware to attach it to your bathroom wall. Put your toothbrush in this adorable holder and let Peeking Bird run sentry duty.

Why we like it:

  • Creatively holds your toothbrush upright

Includes one toothbrush holder. Green. Measures approximately 2 inches tall x 4 inches long x 2.5 inches wide. Designed by Winnif Pang. Packaged in clear box, our Peeking Bird on Branch Toothbrush Stand is ready to nest in your bathroom.

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