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Pencils for the Office


Oh, cool. It's Monday (eyeroll)

Get our Pencils For The Office to remind everyone what we're actually thinking. Do you enjoy seeing my resting staff meeting face? Seriously, why are we all sitting in the same room breathing each others farts and bad breath? And yes, it's hard to make new coffee... especially on Mondays. 

Aaaannnnnd it's Monday again. Feels like I just clocked out. Know what I love about Mondays? Nothing. In fifteen minutes, I’ll be sleeping with my eyes open for an hour-long meeting about employee morale followed by a “surprise” birthday cake and card everyone halfheartedly signs while doing a slow eye-roll. Which is the same eye-roll I’ll be making when I read it, ‘cuz it’s my birthday and even that won’t fix a Monday.

  • 8-pack of standard No. 2 Pencils
  • That's what she said
  • Witty and fun pencils to use and hand out
  • Nothing makes Monday better

8 standard #2 pencils with erasers.

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