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People I Love: Cats. Dish Towel


Far superior to paypurrr products.

Our hiss-terical People I Love: Cats. Dish Towel just barely scratches the surface of ones pre-fur-ence for cats over humans.

Purrrhaps you're looking for a gift for your crazy cat lady friend? or maybe you just want to put it out there for all to read, if they ever dare to enter your home to begin with? Whatever your angle  this adorable kitchen towel is a welcome addition to any cat friendly home.

Made from super-absorbent 100% unbleached cotton.  This soft hand towel is illustrated with cats in various poses and states of alertness and measures approximately 28 inches tall x 21 inches wide. Our People I Love: Cats. Dish Towel is a purrfect hostess gift.

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